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love :: teddy girl style

September 8

the female spin of the popular ‘teddy boys’ style of 1940s-1950s britain. the teddy girls were often from working class immigrant families, creating their own path in post-war areas of london. for them, this neo-edwardian style of dress, working in factories, dropping out of school, was all in the guise of creating their own culture. i’d give credit to them for helping tear down the previously unflinching rules of female style and etiquette.

It’s easy for us now to choose different styles of dress and mix and match our clothes – but at that time, 50 years ago, you were really seen as a complete outsider. -Judy Westacott

We called the police ‘the bluebottles’ – you’d see them come round in a Black Maria to catch people playing dice on the corner. But we’d just sit on each other’s doorsteps and play music. -Rose Shine

there is a great article on the times for more.

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