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spatial :: 2010 world expo, shanghai

May 6

the 2010 world expo has been in full swing for the last 7 days, but i haven’t managed to hear very much (at all) about it. spain is supposed to be serving 300,000 ‘typical spanish’ meals from their pavilion, south africa has live animals, denmark is trying to recreate it’s street life… i’m struggling to understand what america has brought to the table, and so far i can’t find very much. popular science has a great walkthrough of the interiors of some of these spaces (spain’s megababy…??)

britain’s seed cathedral has gathered a lot of attention:

the netherlands clearly couldn’t make up their minds about what to build:

it should come as no surprise that china’s pavilion would be over the top epic (did you see the olympics):

denmark was there, with bikes, to show what it’s like to be in a danish city with bicycles, pedestrians, harbor baths and ‘social benches’:

the switzerland pavilion has a fully operational indoor chairlift for viewers to experience, and is full of massive 3d tv screens depicting it’s scenery and populace:

and norway’s is comprised of 15 different spaces that can stand alone or together, after the expo they will be dispersed throughout china as a gesture of friendship between the two countries:

but, clearly no one told the united states about their unique pavilion designs:

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