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February 5

sometimes i feel robbed from my education as an architecture student (i’m not allowed to call myself an architect until i pass some serious licensing exams and literally pay my dues into the system). so for now i’m not sure what to call myself. but after graduating, and moving away from anything architecture related, i find myself wondering why i ever went astray. being an architect has always been presented as something you do for people who have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay the fees associated with building and renovating buildings, but that is only the smallest percentage of the population.

we build sensible things because we don’t have any money. Donate now and we can construct digitally fabricated metal blobs!

-statement from rural studio

i want to be able to build something for someone and not have to run it through the potential years of permitting, scheduling and holdups, i want to be able to build something for someone that means something to them, that can change their perspective of their own space.

that’s where the guys at rurul studio come in, they design and build places for people who need them, not for those who can afford them. everyone is entitled to good design, design that can make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

granted they aren’t a “firm” and the students are employed to do the work, but who cares? it’s a model of how to get things done for people who need it, and i would love to get involved in the near future. check out the latest film about rural studio: citizen architect. i guarantee you’ll be impressed.

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  1. kyle permalink
    February 5 12:35


  2. MOM permalink
    February 19 13:05

    be an architect your way! you have come this far with integrity…
    his work needs to be continued

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