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action :: the copenhagen wheel

December 18

embracing the concept of smart phones and bluetooth technology, the newly unveiled copenhagen wheel acts as an extension of your mobile device.  with the ability to track speed, distance, and routes on your phone, it links you with other users in order to share your cycling experience.  in addition to those features, handy maps are available to help you determine routes based on incline, traffic and bicycle lanes/paths.  perhaps one of the more unique features of the wheel is the ability to change gears + charge the built in motor THROUGH your smart phone (using the built in copenhagen wheel app of course).

the press release for the wheel project was aptly timed with the COP15 climate summit in copenhagen (which just ended after two weeks of ‘negotiations’ that resulted in no deals being made).  it has been developed by SENSEable city lab for a new multi-use development in copenhagen, the kobenhavns kommune.  the wheel will be installed on various bike share programs throughout the development for residents to use as they wish.  more details to follow, but this is a really exciting blend of bicycles and smart phone technology, likely to improve the cycling environment worldwide in the future.

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