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audio rediscovery :: the strokes

November 15

it’s been a while since i listened to anything but room on fire by the strokes… but today i couldn’t stop bingeing on their low-fi sound, there was something about it that made it resonate perfectly on this sunday afternoon. is this it was their debut full length album, introducing fans to their classic new york take on the who aesthetic.

“someday” from 2001’s this is it

following this is it was room on fire, a less fuzzy version of the album that preceded it.  the use of handclaps throughout is undeniably awesome (listen to “12:51“).

“reptilia” from 2003’s room on fire

admittedly, i don’t know their most recent album very well, first impressions of earth sounds like something you would hear in a tony hawk skateboarding game.  which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it doesn’t come off as flawlessly as their other albums.

“juicebox” from 2008’s first impressions of earth

the resemblance to the who is sometimes too much, but not in the bad way.


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