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visual :: i miss my pencil

November 11

the things we use daily began at some point, as an idea.  but we often overlook their minute details that really make them better than other products we could have surrounded ourselves with.  this is called industrial design.


by taking objects and REpurposing or REexamining them, we can expand our viewpoints and REconsider the reasons for obtaining these things in the first place.

by throwing away the preconceived notions of the function of things, and throwing away any historical “meaning” or “tradition” from an item, designers are able to move forward in REdesigning the world around us.


those involved in the i miss my pencil project are doing just that.  from the project statement of their recent book:

“following 12 design experiments conceived by designers at IDEO, I Miss My Pencil takes a voyeuristic look at what designers do daily, might get to do once, and sometimes only hope to do.  each experiment is made real through collaboration, sketching, prototyping, fabrication, and photographing to go beyond the conceptual to the curiously concrete.”


the book is broken down into three categories:

aisthetika: deals with sense and experience

punk manufacturing: craft and mass production

love+fetish: appealing to self-proclaimed “objectophiles” obsessed with design of “things”


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