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September 14

i don’t usually write about music, probably to spare you my constant ramblings on the subject. but recently, i caught wind of a new project by one of my favorite bands: the black keys. traditionally, rock n roll [i’ll argue that the black keys themselves are more of a blues band] and hip hop have always resulted in subpar results.  but i think the black keys have set themselves up to finally change that.

examples: run dmc + aerosmith [i’m sure some will disagree with me] jay z + linkin park [enough said] timbaland + one republic [epic fail] public enemy + anthrax [only good in tony hawk’s pro skater 2]… i could go on. 


the rock/blues duo known as the black keys, hailing from ohio, have announced the release date of their new project BLAKROC.  the full length LP is set to have a huge list of contributing MCs [mos def, ludacris, rza, q-tip, ol dirty bastard…] with the black keys’ knack for making strong bass heavy beats paired with driving guitar riffs, the album has the potential to become a wonderfully simple musical piece, paired with some super talented lyricists.  the way these guys play music together, you’d think there are about 5 people in the band, but it’s really just the two, unbelievable.

the blakroc site is now up.


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