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mirror’s edge.

May 31

what: EA’s video game “mirror’s edge”.  set in an untitled city [lame] a totalitarian government is currently heavily monitoring communication in order to prevent the spread of crime and potential threats to their power.  subsequent “runners” are hired to exchange information under the radar of government scope.

why: the graphics and interactive ability of this first-person perspective game surpass anything that’s ever been done before. the environments created for the game bear more resemblance to real buildings+cities than a video game, mind-blowing. also, the fluidity of movement and use of parkour techniques are worth looking at too.

the following are all screenshots from the game:



worth watching the trailer in HD:

after working on digital models for my thesis project and seeing the immaculate details in this game, i have an even greater respect for the programmers and developers of these games.


not the video game, but an upcoming documentary about movement through modern urban spaces [semi-parkour related]:

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