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favorite things v2.0.

April 27

obsessions are a regular part of my life. these are a few of my new obsessions which i have with me at almost all times [in no particular order]


my LEED AP pin, made by matt zobel [thank you!]. a constant reminder that i have actually accomplished something. always on my backpack.


my exacto blade, can’t get anything done in studio without it. also doubles as a self-defense weapon.


mom’s old ray-bans and croakies.  ever since i lost my favorite sunglasses from thailand i have been lost, thanks mom for getting me back on track. never leave home without them.


this mason jar serves as a container for almost everything in my studio, and can easily be used to transport anything. so multi-functional. so solid. so clean [most of the time]. so necessary.


last, but absolutely NOT least: my milk frother. seriously, always in my backpack to make a cup of brewed coffee into my favorite drink, a cafe au lait. when combined with the mason jar, it allows for me to make one almost anywhere i go. it probably helps me make friends too. [thanks mom]

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