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February 27

what: ecotopia by ernest callenbach (published in 1975). my favorite.

why: the imagery and story of this book are still highly relevent today


california (everything north of los angeles), oregon and washington succeed from the union.  the new country, aptly named ecotopia, builds a wall and isolates itself from the rest of the world in an attempt to revert back to low-impact living methods.

the book is written from the perspective of the first outsider, william weston, allowed into the country after 25 years of isolation (in the book, the year is 1999, sooo futuristic). weston is a reporter and his writings switch back and forth between his articles and his personal diary as he struggles with accepting the ecotopian lifestyle.


these images were drawn by architect craig hodgetts, in anticipation of a movie version of the book (something which hasn’t happened yet, and probably won’t)


of course the capital city of the new country is san francisco, and the northern part of the bay (where i’m from) is part of the agricultural heartland which feeds the population, famous for it’s population control techniques and pre-industrial standards.  written in 1975, callenbach even went as far left as to put in a female presidential role into the society… how progressive.




the female president?!

L.Cascadia 3

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