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channeling the force.

February 20

what: the force trainer [the first in a new line of star wars related science toys by the educational toy company uncle milton]

why: one step closer to jedi-dom


to use “the force trainer” you put on a headset that features dry EEG sensors, which read your brainwaves. the brainwaves are then translated to the fan in the column of the toy—the better your concentration, the more you are able to control the fan and the ball rises or falls.

seems pretty fun + harmless, no? until your humble child starts lifting rocks and choking people by simply raising their hand. oh, and the whole global domination thing might become a problem too. it’s probably worth the risk.

they could also just turn into this [classic] kid:

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  1. Nancy permalink
    March 23 21:58

    i think i like this one the best!

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