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i’ve got worms.

February 19

what: vermiculture [worm-assisted composting]

why: food accounts for 13% of our trash [by volume]


today, the new york times had a great article on how to start composting with worms in urban environments, an attempt to curb residential waste in the city.  as of now, san francisco has a composting program, but new york doesn’t have a food compost program yet, nor any short-term plans to get one started. as an avid composter (we have had one in the yard at our house for about three years now) i am amped to see the times bringing this easy method to the masses. not only are they proponents of the method, they stress the importance and simplicity involved with recycling your food waste back into the production system:


this method is much less messy and time consuming than the 5-gallon bucket we have next to our sink in our kitchen (translation: it can smell super stank if we don’t dump it regularly). one advantage to a city-wide program is that it has the ablitiy to produce enough heat to break down things such as bones, meat and dairy products, food which my personal compost wouldn’t be able to break down.

over the years, i have heard that these worm bins can break down a soda cup by eating around the plastic lining (which makes them unrecyclable) and digesting just the paper pulp, leaving the lining behind like a snake’s skin. worms also break down eggshells MUCH faster than they would be in a regular compost.

when i move out of slo, the compost might be one of the things i miss the most. sad.

go to: new york times vermiculture article

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