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grammys09: wtf.

February 9

what do you call it when a bunch of overpaid, mediocre musicians gather to bask in their infinite awesomeness?

the 2009 grammy awards.

i didn’t watch it [i was at school until 3 am] but i DID go online to watch some of the performances and scope the photos of some of my least favorite artists attempting to dress like sgt peppers lonely hearts club band [thanks for that, coldplay].  amongst the outrageous lineup of slightly washed up musical acts i saw kid rock [why has anyone EVER paid any attention to you, let alone allowed you to perform on the grammys], whitney houston [cracked out lady presenting an award, at least she can sing], katy perry [you were performing next to a gigantic stage mockup of a fruit salad?], poor stevie wonder had to perform with the jonas brothers, bono [don’t get me started, your music sucks], paul mcartney [probably can’t wait for ringo to die so he can really finally be the solo beatle], hannah montana [really?].

the entire spectacle was aimed at a younger audience, in an attempt to ‘refresh’ the grammys. never mind the fact that they probably don’t deserve any type of award for making songs called ‘i kissed a girl’, lil waynes AWARD WINNING ‘lollipop’ or snoop dog’s ‘sexual eruption’. i can guarantee there are more talented artists out there who deserve kudos for their music.

the only saving grace i saw was the outrageously pregnant MIA, shamelessly lipsyncing ‘paper planes’ as kanye, lil wayne and jay-z killed it [in a kinda good way?]. i swear that baby’s going to have some major brain damage when it pops out tomorrow.

enjoy this collage [couldn’t find a hannah montana photo]:

ps: rihanna, sorry you couldn’t make it cuz he hit you.

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