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February 2

i’ve long been into stop-motion animation, ever since my days as a kid with a low quality 8mm camera we would set up scenes and create our own sloppy attempts at nonsensical 20 second animations (which would usually take us a few hours to accomplish with our short attention spans). so any chance i have to see anything involving stop-motion i jump on it (probably began with my gumby obsession). now, stop-motion has acquired a lot more production techniques and funding, allowing it to become a respectable form of animation.

this week, the longest stop-motion film will be released nationwide: Coraline. Using a new shooting technique, involving dual stereoscopic cameras to create a 3D environment out of the existing world they have built by hand for the film. These cameras allow the crew to manipulate the handmade props they have shot during post-production.

Henry Selick is the [extremely talented] director of the film. Selick is well known for his work in both james and the giant peach and the nightmare before christmas. Looks like this is guaranteed to be a visual feast, it is released this friday, february 9th.

some more stop-motion hot-shots:

PES films is a great producer of super creative stop-motion shorts. This short, titled “Western Spaghetti”, won the 2009 Sundance Honorable Mention award.”Clicking on a PES film is to open a safe and suddenly see a million ideas glittering and exploding” – Michel Gondry, Director extraordinaire. PES website.

Made by Apt studios and Asylum films, this animation is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 4th Estate Publishers. A beautiful rendition of a city made entirely out of books, this attention to detail and movement is amazing, considering it is all made at 1/4 scale.

The Chase Factory made this short using 987 polaroids and no computer composites, the use of photos to express capture and motion is unbelievable.  the amount of foresight required to pull off something like this is super impressive and extremely time consuming. check out the process for making this film on their website.

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