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seemingly meaningless.

January 27

there are sometimes when the most ordinary moments seem to carry brilliant enthusiasm and spirit. when an everyday task, or something that most think of as an object of procrastination take on monumental characteristics. this video is one of them.

click here for the video on vimeo.

the simple act of throwing a paper airplane out of a window in new york [i think i spotted the brooklyn bridge in there] turned into a story. one which exists independently of others in its surroundings. as the plane floats through the air [a stunt like this is only worth doing from 30 stories high] the background becomes tangled with people out and about on their daily activities, unaware of the epic journey of this single piece of paper. along with a fantasia-esque musical score, the plane descends to the streets for a good two minutes, before falling to the ground unnoticed, its life is now over. i think the greatest part of this video is that it gives some kind of emotion to the paper, who knew i could connect with a piece of printer paper folded and thrown out of a window? love it.

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