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favorite things.

January 27

obsessions are a regular part of my life. these are a few of the things i always have with me. [in no particular order]


my moleskine: contains all sketches/ideas/lists for my architecture thesis and life in general. complete with krooked+obama sticker i made. contents are secret


afro pick: gots to keep it real. hair at least 3 inches off of my head. nbd.


headlight: never leave home without it [mainly for my late night bike rides back from school]. other uses include emergency power outages, looking in nooks+crannies, hair accessory.

sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds: an absolute favorite from my childhood as a little leaguer. thanks dad.

custom wide angle

wide angle: one of my proudest accomplishments, a custom wide angle attachment for my canon sd630 point+shoot. worked wonders on my travels and still going strong. engineering genius.

water bottle

water bottle: never go anywhere without it. particularly obsessed with the beer label that i stuck on in thailand with no additional glue that has made it all the way around the world semi-intact.

white monkey holding peach

white monkey holding peach: the best thing i brought back from thailand, hands down. closest thing i can describe it as is tiger balm. put it EVERYWHERE for a little pick me up. obsessed.

oatmeal cookies

oatmeal cookies: specifically with chocolate chips and raisins. all time favorite.


budweiser: i know it’s been sold to the belguim company, but i still consider it the ultimate american beer. probably drink it more than any other beer recently. u-s-a! u-s-a!

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  1. Nancy permalink
    January 29 16:28

    that’s our daughter!
    knew that watching survivor would pay off…

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