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after catching up on sleep.

January 26

the following is a brief post, considering i haven’t thrown anything up in a while. i have been working on my thesis project a lot, and am not on my right computer to share what i have been looking at with you all, but here are some gems i have been into to get you up to speed:


osmos growing system

jonathan bantan is an industrial design & technology student at loughborough university in britain. he has developed a conceptual growing mechanism which fits atop a pot, with the goal of utilizing otherwise wasted steam from cooking. by beginning to think of the steam as a resource, bantan has started a process of figuring out how to capture and use the water to produce more food. i can’t help but think that this original concept here would not work, that the heat would be more of a problem than he might think. interesting idea of reconsidering steam as an output.


kim erlandsen photography

using the phrase: “symmetry is sexy”, erlandsen takes beautiful shots of the classic infrastructure we see in our daily lives (if you live in a city unlike me). by taking a moment to stop and look at these perspectival places in routines she has done a great job crafting a surreal landscape from everyday views. i’m always a fan of non-symmetrical shots [check out my new picasa albums], but i’m obsessed with symmetry as of late, and i thought i’d share this find with you all.


strangers in japan

this is a seven minute video of nothing but still images from a couples trip to japan. i don’t know them. no names, no nothing. probably one of the most accessible style of portraying a trip i’ve seen in a long time. being one of those people who comes back from an 18 day trip [again, check my picasa albums] with almost 2500 photos, this is a great idea of what to do with them, capturing the perfect in between moments: getting from point a to point b, ordering a meal, details etc… once i have time i’ll be able to make one of these of my own.


growing up with star wars

a flikr photo pool all about ‘growing up with star wars’ AMAZING old shots of kids in star wars costumes, playing with star wars, thinking about star wars, wishing they were in star wars… all of it. i’ve been obi wan kenobi for halloween a couple of times, in my own handmade costume. i can relate big time to these kids and love the shots of kids from the 70s, who doesn’t? so now the question is: am i too old to submit my star wars photo? [as seen below.. yes it was a self timed picture of me jumping, not easy to do]

leslie jedi

well, now THATs on the internet i guess.


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