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on presentation.

November 30

after our quarter review on monday november 24th, i really disliked the way i displayed my project. it was as if i had just found a wall+put things in front of it, even though i had originally really enjoyed the idea of having the contrasting temporal elements of cardboard and concrete. i know i could have executed it better [maybe having the cardboard look like a temporary growth out of the concrete…]

in the midst of disapproving of my personal display space, i started looking for better methods. a majority of  what i have found so far have been digital interpretations of what will be built in the future, i am on the hunt for something which is already realized, something that you can pick up and look through/around/inside. this search has sent me to many museum and installation sites, with the hopes gathering some ideas for the upcoming reviews i will have this winter quarter [one every three weeks to be exact]. continuing to find the right presentation qualities will be a form of creative treasure hunt, combined with a complicated puzzle, i look not to copy, but to draw from what is relevant. 

on that note, i fell in love with this beautiful animation for this new proposal for a herzog + de meuron residential tower in new york. it looks like a television commercial for a building almost. i can only hope i can render like this one day.

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  1. Nancy permalink
    December 2 00:13

    I think you could do this. Is it diffucult to do?

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