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what is a precedent.

October 15

so what does it mean when something inspires me?  it’s when something makes me believe in it.

so how do i go about believing in it?  most of the time i’d have to say it’s when i trust it, the way it shows itself lends to its function within the landscape, no matter how small it is.  this function doesn’t necessarily have to serve me either.  after all, i’m not the only factor in the landscape.  other factors exist that cannot easily be quantifiable, or even understood through words.  i think that is a reason why there is not much writing on this blog, i feel that what i’m sharing with you is best understood if you simply watch it, or examine it closer.  

but i can’t help but think there’s a gap i’m forgetting to bridge with you.  how can i make sure you at least understand the direction my thoughts are going, even though at times they seem all over the place [but i think that’s ok too].  there is still a general direction.  in case you feel you may have missed it, i’d like to provide you with one of the forms my abstract for my thesis project has taken so far this year.


Since the beginning of the industrial age, societies have placed massive amounts of pressure on themselves to continually speed up and make more, faster, cheaper.  This increasing reliance on large-scale production has implications socially, economically and environmentally. 

It is a central belief in the international slow foods community that food is something that should not enter this industrial chain, it should be something worth being patient for, something worthy of slowing down.  When we shift speeds with the way we view food, it becomes important to think about where your food comes from, who grew it, how you prepare it and everything in between.  With these philosophies the movement seeks to engage communities through the process of having a meal together, events coined ‘eat-ins’.  Central to the values considered by the people is the importance of education, passing on the traditions and knowledge of food and its related systems. 

Currently there is one university that focuses on these ideas: the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra, Italy.  With rapid growth of the movement stateside, the goal is to sow the seed for the second university here in California.


this is a work in progress, and if anyone out there has any questions or additional thoughts they would like to bring up, please let me know:

the following is a video i made of us cooking dinner from scratch.  it is 45 minutes squeezed into 1:38.  i love the colors of the food and the amount of vegetables on the cutting board by the time they are all chopped up.  we fed 4 of us.  i hope to do more of these and share them with you.  more to come on the cal poly ‘eat-in’ i am staging on dexter lawn. in the meantime, enjoy this clip: [there’s not supposed to be any sound, sorry]


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  1. Megan permalink
    October 15 08:35

    I miss eating at the peach 😦

    Now I have homecooked Thai food each night which is delicious but everything is friend and really really oily……. I’m tempted to say I kind of want a burrito.

    Don’t tell anyone I said that.


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