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origin of the this.

October 13

this is the video for the decemberists song which inspired the title of this whole blog thing.  it’s the second song on the album ‘castaways and cutouts’, the first song being ‘leslie ann levine’… i think that sounds familiar, oh wait, that’s MY name… so it’s pretty obvious why this song means something to me.  not to mention the melodramatic tempo, historical references and triumphant symbols. 

i guess i should also mention that i started this blog to keep track of my inspirations/ramblings/laughs/reflections for my architecture thesis project.  this is the ‘space’ i have created for myself to log the evolution of these thoughts and experiences, there will certainly be some things that are not directly related to the project, but i like to think they just add to the complex network of ideas constantly bridging the synapses contained in my head.  

this is my attempt to express them to anyone who is interested.

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