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national embarassment

October 9

vote nov 4th.

i was scared of many things as a kid: the dark, snakes in the toilet, being kidnapped, horror movies, my parents fighting, mustard, earthquakes

but now i’m all grown up, and these things don’t scare me anymore (well, horror movies are still on the list i guess).  maybe it’s just that my fears have manifested themselves to be something else, something more important than being afraid to eat mustard, something which, one could argue, involves everyone in the world.  that something is SARAH PALIN.  

now, i know this video is quite a rant. but it is my opinion that the news needs to stop being so nice to this person who is clearly unfit to run our country [need i remind you that john mccain IS 72 years old with a history of health problems] and be ruthless again.  it’s unfair to ask the media to “go easy” on her because she hasn’t been in the public spotlight for that long.  i want my leader to have balls [figuratively] to stand up and not run away crying when the tough questions [like: “what is your foreign policy experience”] are asked. 

i am in no way saying that i think obama is standing up to the media, or even answering the questions.  but he+biden are a better option than the self proclaimed ‘mavericks’ on the ticket and at least he forms full sentences and doesn’t give shout outs during the debate.

…and that’s my rant for the day.

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  1. melodyshirazi permalink
    October 10 23:48

    hi friend!

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