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food consumption

October 9

this is a map projection technique which projects countries in terms of their food consumption (bigger country=more food consumption).

it is highly relevant to my thesis project, which is seeking to understand the connection between food and people.  better yet, it aims to nurture the connection by focusing on the slow food movement, which has recently gained international attention after the slow food nation event held in san francisco this past month.  

the concept of the movement is to reconnect with our food by moving away from the concept of fast food+fast life.  to appreciate the life cycle of our food and to know how it got from the earth to our plate.  to slow down and enjoy cooking a meal with friends and family.  to recognize the importance of sharing food with one another and the health benefits we receive when we sit down to a meal (both social and physical).

now i will pose this question: what does food mean to you? are there any experiences you associate with a specific food or meal? do you feel there is value in sitting down to a home-cooked meal?

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  1. October 9 23:49

    Food to me is fellowship. It should always be communal. I have issues with eating alone…

    “We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, for dining alone is leading the life of a lion or wolf” –Epicurus–

    I also believe in the Jewish Mother gene. I LOVE to feed people.

    I’d rather eat a little bit of really good food, than a lot of so-so food.

    I believe that if everyone on the planet were concious and conscientious regarding their food choices, there would be few hungry children.

    I like McDonalds! And I like Buona Tavola.

    And now I must go be productive and stop rambling.

  2. mom permalink
    October 13 00:39

    You have to read Wendell Berry called “what are people for?” He was someone I saw at the slow foods USA conference that has really made a difference in talking about small food economies. So happy you are getting “passionatly focused”.

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