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art in place and time: joshua allen harris

October 9

in about a month my studio is traveling to new york for a week long field trip.  i have been doing research to find specific things to do/see during my brief stint on the east coast.  thanks to my luck on youtube i found this artist, joshua allen harris, who makes creatures out of nothing but garbage bags and tape, attaches them to subway grates, and waits for the air to come through the vents to bring his creations to life.  the way they move makes it seem choreographed, when two of them inflate together it looks like they are dancing, or fighting.  a great example of art which is only enhanced by its surroundings, and it can make busy, bitchy, overworked new yorkers stop for a second and finally smile amidst the concrete jungle.

i’ve been to new york, i lived in new york when i was young.  it’s one of the experiences i will never forget, and the subway smells and noises are certainly at the top of my list of memories from the place.  i always wonder what my parents were thinking, three small kids (including a newborn) in manhattan, it makes me stressed out just thinking about it.  but then again, i guess that’s what kiddie leashes are for anyways.


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  1. Melody permalink
    October 9 18:52

    Leslie, i’ve never had a chance to see this guys work, but i heard the work is so amazing. it’s animated and sometimes really short lived but totally worth waiting around to see.
    i hope you see some of his stuff. also william eggleston is at the whitney in ny, i think it will still be up when you get there. GO SEE!
    okay, i’m gonna walk to your room now.

  2. Megan permalink
    October 10 18:24

    So. Cool.

    You’d have to be lucky to see one I think though… he doesn’t like advertise where he’s going to put them or anything I’d imagine?

    William Eggleston inspired my senior project…. love. love. love him. Do it!

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