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May 29

haven’t been updating this. but check for more recent happenings.


love :: caine’s arcade

April 10

caine loves arcade games & prizes, so he makes an arcade out of cardboard. only one person has played so far, but he keeps expanding. yet his arcade is soon to be a happening spot in east LA.

action :: ICON derelicts

April 1

After a few hours of talking Jonathan told me more about his interest in restoring Toyota Land Cruisers and the “irrational passion”  that led him to eventually start TLC in 1996, and then later to establish ICON. Like many novel ideas, people told him he was crazy.

via acl.

audio :: the marvelettes

January 24

visual :: zander olsen

January 15



visual :: soft guerilla

December 28

from visual artist kyle bean.

visual :: nycda

December 9

a spin on the classic nyc subway map, but for design destinations. pentagram’s nyc design authority map: